Rru Tanue» is written in Chocholteco language and means «Those who play». Its main purpose is the dissemination of the richness of culture Chocholteca by original instrumental compositions with traditional instrumentation of musical groups Chocholteca area (Melodic instrument, 2 guitars and Yucatecan Tololoch).

Rru tanue fuses traditional Oaxacan and Mexican music with contemporary music in the format of jazz music (theme – solos – theme ). The result is very cool atmospheres and textures, a sound that emphasizes nationalism of the composer and the performers but it shows the adaptation of that nationalism contemporary elements. Some deeply rooted in indigenous cultures of Mexico against all manifestations artistic and social values is tolerance and respect for better coexistence and adaptation to the changing times.

The first disc of Rru Tanue was recorded in the studies » Anything » from the city of Oaxaca and involved the production of Pere Soto, catalan guitarist considered one of the best guitarists of southpaws jazz as well as by his group of gypsy jazz. It contains 12 compositions including rhythms such as waltz, polka, bolero, ballads, chilean and huapango. All disc and shows the style of the group and hope to record next very soon.

The second album was released at the beginning of this year. The 2 discs are available on all digital platforms for download and streaming



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